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Child Abuse Prevention

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In the last blog post we talked about statistics. Well, April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Even though the numbers can seem overwhelming (How am I supposed to do anything?!), I'm here to tell you that everyone can make a difference in preventing Child Abuse. Here are a few ways that you can help.

For those that are parenting, it is important to implement protective factors in your home. This can be done in some of the following ways*: (If you aren't parenting, but still want to help, skip down)

  • Learn and understand child development, understanding the reasons in which a child behaves in a certain way (positive or negative) may help increase patience and understanding, as well as give you opportunities to support them. Please talk to your doctor about this.

  • Take time to connect with your children; this could be through sitting down as a family for dinner, going on a walk, playing board games or engaging in other activities you enjoy as a family.

  • Have friends that are good emotional supports.

  • Manage stress in a healthy way

  • Take time for yourself to re-energize (you can't give from an empty cup)

  • Ensure that you are leaving your child with people that you trust will care for your child as you would.

Child and Family Charities' Family Growth Center is a safe place for parents to get child care while they look for a job, go to a doctor's appointment, or even take time to take care of themselves. It is completely free and in the community to be accessed; go here for more information.

These are only a few of the ways in which you can help prevent child abuse in your own home. Please check out the attached article for an expanded version with more great information.


So maybe you don't have kids, you can still help.

*Please note that everyone's situation is different and these are only meant as tips

In your community:

  • Be a support for family and friends during stressful times and encourage them to seek help when necessary

  • If you see something suspicious don't keep it quiet! Report it to the Department of Human Services.

  • Sponsor organizations that work to prevent Child Abuse (Hey, that's us!)

  • Volunteer

  • Advocate for more Child Abuse Prevention Services (write your representatives)

  • Educate others about the reality of child abuse, how they can help and the resources available to them.

For more information about our Child Abuse Prevention Services, go here ---->> 
For more information about statistics, resources, and ways to prevent child abuse go here ---->>